July 19, 2013

czech it out

Our friend the Czech journalist Pavel Vondra writes:

"The best piece of writing I came across this year is a torso of an unpublished manuscript of a book on the roots of the Muslim insurgency in the southern Philippines. It was given to me by a sister of the author together with an incredible story of how he had disappeared from the face of the Earth nearly four decades ago while writing it [at the height of Martial Law]. Now an incredibly talented film director of the best film I've seen this year is on the verge of making a documentary that would try and shed some light on what happened to Frank Gould in Mindanao in 1974. All he needs before he can do so is a little bit of money to cover the costs of the search/film. Please support this project - the fundraising campaign is in its last week and still more than 50 per cent short of its goal. I'm sure most of us can spare ten dollars or more to make it happen. Thanks." 


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